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As certain relationships end, others will begin. Take care of your home base today, both physically and emotionally. See that your bills are taken care of and that your bedroom is clean. Don't forget to clean out the dirt from under your bed, and the demons from inside your mind.

Capricorn Horoscope For Wednesday, October 9,

Realize that you might be operating with someone else's program disk that got stuck in your hard drive. Make sure you replace it with your own system disk before you continue onward. A family member or close friend may need your help today. With the wild energy that is in the air, people tend to overindulge. It seems as though your friend has done so, and this is not the first time. Perhaps you could steer him toward some counseling.

Capricorn Relation Horoscope

Alcoholism, or overindulgence of any kind, is symptomatic of a greater problem. It is up to you to step in and help your friend get his life back on track. Your Good Samaritan side is fading. You are used to thinking about others before thinking about yourself.

Capricorn Today

But today, things are about to change. Indeed you fascinate those around you.

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The sensible one. The responsible one. The one that always comes through for others. You might even fall back together in a few years, after a hiatus.

This is a year when you turn your life around and when you can also grab life by the scruff of the neck and do the impulsive and spontaneous stuff that normally remains in the confines of your head and because madcap Uranus is back in your sister sign of Taurus as of March. The planet Jupiter inflates expectations and, well, everything else too really, so wish and hint big for presents this year and you might just get them, or a big reward of a different kind, not so much in the material sense.

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