Sagittarius weekly 15 to 21 tarot horoscope

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Sagittarius weekly February 15-21st 2017 tarot reading

Anything very important on the professional front must be undertaken between pm and pm, if you wish to achieve the desired result. Click here for a more personalised reading. You do have a positive attitude about life and this attitude spills over to your career and savings too. Money to you, is just a means to an end. You work hard for your earnings but have no qualms about blowing it all up at one go. The Moon in Aquarius will caution you to keep tabs on your finance and put away some money for the rainy days. Today, you may sit down with your balance sheet and will be happy to see that you seem to have a secure financial stability.

Those who have just started working, may get a piece of advice on the importance of being financially secure in life. White is your color for today, it will bring you good luck. Time between pm and pm is a good time for any important task. The Moon in Aquarius will stir your ambition today and make you take a big risk in a project that no one wants to be a part of. Your intuition has been telling you for some time now, that this venture could turn out to be very profitable, if handled well.

While the others find you reckless for even thinking about taking it up, you are confident in your abilities to deliver. How else does one hit the jackpot?

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Wear something in white for peace and luck. Schedule all your important work between 11 am to 2 pm today for results. Those of you who are married may experience some trouble that will arise Read More Today you will be inclined to take the professional services of a career Read More Beware of people who come to you with new investment ideas, especially i Read More Be careful on the road today as accidents are highly indicated.

In fact, Read More Sagittarius, you have a highly contagious positive outlook on life, and Read More The chemistry is immediate, the passion intense, the connection strong… and potentially lasting. So, whatever you can do to put yourself in the pathway of romantic opportunity this week- DO. The Knight of Coins reveals some clues about this future love.

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Possibly an Earth sign Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn. And, then, the person most likely to take the hit for that is the one stood right next to you. We hurt the ones we love, and are hurt by them. Break this habit before it takes hold and causes more damage. If only Aquarians ruled the world….

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The Hierophant and Six of Wands combine to suggest that the Universe needs you to do the right thing again this week. Go, you! Kerry King uses tarot and star sign wisdom to create inspiring forecasts and insights, with over 20 years fortune telling experience, and many happy clients all over the world. Sign in. All Football.

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Kerry King. Comments are subject to our community guidelines, which can be viewed here. Select your star sign and go to your custom horoscope page with weekly, monthly and annual readings, and articles. Jupiter finally enters Capricorn and Venus conjunct the Soul node helps us shift relationship karma.

Passion for life!

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The Lovers! Your passion is flowing as you fall in love with life again.

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The Lovers is rekindling your desire and possibly bringing in a fresh love interest or stirring your intimacy in a current […]. A change of fortune is on the way. Jupiter is switching signs bringing a change in fortune! A Capricorn New Moon solar eclipse. Your Monthly Astrology December — Empowerment calling!

Jupiter switches it up! Get ready for all change as New Moon Eclipse brings transformation! Create a members account for free.

Psychic readings are at the usual premium rate — please see terms and conditions for details. If it has, scroll down for your answer. Wishing you the most fabulous week Much love Michele Temperance […]. We have a New Moon in adventurous Sagittarius and Venus is shifting out love focus. Mercury Direct! Mars goes into Scorpio and the Sun goes into adventurous Sagittarius.

SP: www. Your psychic email reading aims to answer specific questions as well as giving you a general overview of what is going on around you empowering you to follow your own wisdom and intuition. Skip to content Michele Knight.

sagittarius weekly 15 to 21 tarot horoscope Sagittarius weekly 15 to 21 tarot horoscope
sagittarius weekly 15 to 21 tarot horoscope Sagittarius weekly 15 to 21 tarot horoscope
sagittarius weekly 15 to 21 tarot horoscope Sagittarius weekly 15 to 21 tarot horoscope
sagittarius weekly 15 to 21 tarot horoscope Sagittarius weekly 15 to 21 tarot horoscope
sagittarius weekly 15 to 21 tarot horoscope Sagittarius weekly 15 to 21 tarot horoscope
sagittarius weekly 15 to 21 tarot horoscope Sagittarius weekly 15 to 21 tarot horoscope

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