March 2020 equinox astrology

What is the Spring equinox?

Because that old adage — be careful what you wish for because you just might get it — is too true for you right now.

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It may feel overwhelming. It may be intoxicating. It may be mind-boggling. And more. Get your images out there. Get your visions up and out in the open.

Starwatch: equinox marks the changing of the seasons

Embed your work with sacred symbols. Symbols of solidarity, unity, compassion, connection and success. Believe that you will win. Notice what old speech patterns, thoughts and stories pop up in professional conversation. Notice how you almost do. Notice how quickly you can come back to your senses.

Notice what you long to create in your career. Notice what you yearn for. Notice what you live for. Your home life might be a much needed sanctuary of sweetness. You might even have an all too rare moment of balance between your inner and outer life, one that reminds you of the need to steady yourself, refuel your tanks and keep your focus on the inner, most essential reasons why you do what you do.

There are moments of perspective. There are moments where we are heard. Heard because we have chosen to listen to ourselves. Heard because our own acknowledgement amplifies the battlecry that booms within us.

There are moments of knowing that we are beyond the limitations of this earthly life but not beyond reproach from our inner-knowing. There are moments when past traumas collide with present strengths and there is nothing more to do but stand at the intersection of the two. And let yourself be known as you do. Show up for your people. Show yourself in the movements that mean the most to you. Show your solidarity by putting in the hard work. Be there. Be where they are.

When is the Spring equinox 2020?

Be yourself in the sea of those you admire and are willing to risk all for. You voice is amplified. You message is spread wide. Your true intentions are visible.

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Those that you are closest to help you the most. Those you move towards with honesty, sincerity and no agenda hold you, help you and remind you of the importance of keeping close to those that share your spark and spirit.

What is a solstice?

In many ways, this week aims to help you heal old wounds, misgivings and misinformation about your worth. It could also potentially bring in a very lucrative and important career opportunity. One feeds the other.

Life is loopy and works how it wants to most times, but there is nothing wrong with encouraging growth as we wish it to come into our lives. If you could expand your financial situation, your work life or your career opportunities, what direction would you most willingly, most joyfully, most happily move towards? Tell your teammates about your big ideas. Ask others that have done it how they did it. It could turn into something more. It could turn into something meaningful. It could turn into something pretty spectacular. There are more love lessons, intimacy intensives and coupling controversies for you to get into this week.

More realtime romances and powerful exchanges than you can keep track of.

Sept 2019 - March 2020 Next 6 Months Tarot ** PREDICTIONS ** Equinox Psychic Reading

Basically what you put out there is multiplied. What you make yourself available for comes back a thousand fold. Especially when you offer it from a place of sturdy serenity. Of knowing when you are more useful as a strategist or a supporter for the ones running the show. This week offers you a tremendous teaching on the power of honest humility. It offers you evidence about your skill as a member of the crew, a worker among workers, a fellow among fellows. It offers you evidence about your powerful leadership capabilities. Your way of seeing possibilities, your way of dissecting, digesting and integrating the most important components of what you are working on.

This week offers whatever you value most a boost and, with that boost, an ability to see longer range strategies and future possibilities. Help comes to you from unknown sources this week. Like from within. Not one that will stick around. How we are with our wounds, however, is the key to our healing. It could come from someone who has seen your work and admired your progress. It could come from someone who could really change the game for you. It could.

But more reliable a prediction for this week is that you make major advancements in your relationship with your inner world and that, in turn, opens you up to possibilities that otherwise could not enter your realm.

This Week in Astrology: Equinox Equilibrium

One that helps to illustrate the nature of the interdependence of your life. One that reminds you of the importance of friends, of future possibilities, of the optimism needed in order to keep working towards a world where all life can thrive. One that keeps illuminating the creative possibilities of your life. One that keeps on reminding you that there are more ways of merging the essential elements of what you have to work with than you may currently be considering. But this one carries on with your current life themes of fertilization, conception and the propagation of your passion, widening your perception and refreshing your future plans.

Starwatch: equinox marks the changing of the seasons | Science | The Guardian

This week encourages you to speak up because folks are listening and you have a particularly compassionate message to share. This week also has a distinct romantic glint in its eye. It may be something that manifests itself as a possible encounter, a long lost love returning to you or a healing of romantic wounds from lovers long ago.

Glean the insight you can from the love that is there. The lessons are always worth the ride. This week continues to help you parse out the present from the historic, the personal from the familial and the emotional from the strategic. Use the tonics to help anchor your current projects, especially your designs for self-development. No matter the amount of emotional debris that floats around, your main job is to stick with the program of committing to your growth and developing an understanding of your responsibility to yourself.

Show up for life right now. Exactly as it is with exactly what you have, nothing more, nothing less. Just do the work. Then do it again. What we are devoted to shines through in all we do. All of nature can.

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