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We may rescue abandoned hopes and desires by picking up lost careers and interests and finding new partners. At eighty-seven years of age we undergo the third Saturn return. The dawn of old age has passed and we fully embrace our senior years. At each Saturn return we are forced to become aware of our deficiencies and limitations, and in our ninth decade the impact of adjustments not made and lessons unlearned is ever greater. Our minds and bodies feel the weight of the years, yet our wisdom is deeper as is our appreciation of the things that truly matter in life.

We must come to terms with the fact that we are not immortal, and if we failed to sort our affairs at the second Saturn return; this we must do now. As we approach the ebbing years of our life, we should aim to make amends for those things we regret and focus on the new beginnings we are about to make. Saturn spends about two and half years in each sign of the zodiac.

The period that Saturn transits your sun sign tends to be a testing one and a time when a sense of failure and disappointment is never far away. However, Saturn helps us to make a mark in life and it certainly shows us who we are. Uranus is the great rebel of the zodiac. This planet was discovered in and coincided with the Industrial Revolution and indeed the rash of revolutions at that time.

Uranus is synonymous with change and upheaval. This planet forces us to look to the new and to break free from situations that and people who are stifling our being and our potential.

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They dance to a different drum. Sometimes these people are inventors, scientists and fantastic communicators and sometimes they are anarchists and trouble-makers. Uranus takes eighty-four years to complete a circuit of the birth chart. The most important point tends to be half way — when we are somewhere between thirty-eight and forty-two years of age.

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This is astrological mid-life crisis time. Marriages break up; people change their careers or do something that makes others believe they have lost their minds. Uranus likes to upset the apple cart! And sometimes huge and unexpected changes are thrust upon us by events we do not like one little bit.

But there is life after the Uranus opposition and a better life if we wholeheartedly embrace change. Since we are all living longer most of us will experience a Uranus return which takes place around our eighty-fourth year of life. Depending on our life circumstances, we can begin again. While at the second and third Saturn returns we embark on a new chapter of life with a solid blueprint, at the Uranus Return we do not sit down and make plans but rip up the old blue print and busk it!

It is certainly time to attend to our bucket list.

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However, this is also a time when our bodies can let us down: we may break bones, lose our balance in all senses and succumb to health problems that interfere with our freedom and mobility. And in the same way that we embraced change at the Uranus Opposition we must do so again. Uranus spends roughly seven years in a sign and when this planet touches a point in your horoscope, you tend to feel very unsettled. Events have a way of making you feel insecure: nothing seems to last and other people accuse you of not being the same person that you once were.

Neptune is the most mysterious of the planets. This planet, like the sea god, Neptune, can be likened to the oceans in all their many moods — sometimes peaceful, sometimes mysterious and sometimes extremely stormy and dangerous. Neptune was discovered in and coincided with the great Romantic movements in literature and music and with Impressionism.

PLUTO Aspect VENUS in Astrology

Neptune gives us our desire for things of the spirit and the soul but while the elevated way to experience such states is through discipline and devotion all too often we take the easier but infinitely more destructive route through alcohol and drugs. Neptune takes roughly one hundred and sixty-eight years to orbit the sun so none of us will ever have a Neptune Return! When Neptune reaches a planet or point in our chart we become existentially dissatisfied with certain aspects of our life. We tend to lose our sense of direction; we may even lose our jobs, relationships and material assets. If Neptune touches our Venus or our moon we can fall deeply in love.

We are never quite the same people after a Neptune transit. Hopefully because we have glimpsed the divine and not because we have lost everything! However, whatever its status in astronomical terms, Pluto in astrology is a mighty force to be reckoned with. In myth Pluto was the King of the Underworld. His vast realm was full of treasure yet it was also the domain of the dead. The planet Pluto was discovered in and coincided with the rise of Fascism, the development of atomic power and the birth of psycho-analysis.

Pluto in astrology represents the process of death and rebirth. The placing of Pluto in our charts reveals where we will be put through our most transformational experiences. People with Pluto rising at birth or directly overhead have a strong sense of their own destiny; they usually make a profound impact on the world and certainly upon the people with whom they connect. Yet Pluto-dominated charts can also produce some of the most manipulative and cruel individuals.

This is an extreme astrological archetype: just as atomic power can be used to help mankind it can also destroy it. Pluto takes approximately twenty-one years to pass through each sign of the zodiac so a whole generation bears its signature relative to the sign it is in. For instance the Baby-Boomers came in with Pluto in Leo and this group is known as the Me-generation.

Since Pluto is such a slow mover when it reaches a point in your own chart it can spend eighteen months or so focusing on it. During these times we are put through a Ring of Fire. We are usually stripped of some aspect of our existence and have to re-build our lives anew. We experience a death and a re-birth.

Inner Planets And Your Personality

Nothing in astrology is ever stagnant. As the earth continually revolves on its axis, so too do all the signs, reference points and planets. At the moment of birth, a sign will be rising over the horizon and this is known as your Ascendant, your rising sign. The Ascendant is effectively the beginning of your chart, the first house of the horoscope.

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Depending upon the latitude of your place of birth, some signs move more slowly over the horizon, taking some two hours to do so while others move so fast there can be three changes of sign in an hour. As far as interpretation goes, the Ascendant represents the lens through which the rest of personality shines through - it is the gateway to all that we are, the Jungian persona.

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  • Without the time of birth and therefore the establishment of the Ascendant, it is extremely difficult for an astrologer to be accurate about character and destiny. These are the angles formed between the planets and points of the chart i. The aspects from one of the biggest building blocks in astrology. Whether interpreting a natal birth chart for an individual, a nation or an event, the aspects provide the 'meat' and 'potatoes', so to speak and the signs the sauce. While the easy aspects help sweeten the picture, the hard aspects are the business: they are dynamic and always hold sway over the easy angles.

    There are twelve astrological ages, each lasting roughly 2, years. The Age of Pisces, which began approximately at the time of Christ, is in the process of giving way to the Age of Aquarius, although some astrologers maintain it came in during the nineteen-sixties with the advent of flower-power, free love and the brotherhood of man - quintessential properties of Aquarius. This slow cycle of the ages is caused by a phenomenon known as precession of the equinoxes. In simple terms, due to the wobble of the earth as it spins on its axis its position in relation to the background of the stars shifts year on year.

    The cusp means the beginning - i. Since astrology has become popularized a misnomer has arisen that a person born on the cusp of a sign - i. This is not the case. The sun is at 29 degrees 59 minutes and 59 seconds of Pisces and a second later will be 0 degrees, 0 minutes and 1 second of Aries! You are either one sign or another; you do not straddle two signs. Sometimes, a sun sign column will differ as to the dates the sun will be in a particular sign.

    This is because the arrival of the sun in each of the signs varies slightly from year to year therefore astrologers can only give an approximation. This is the opposite point to the Ascendant. It designates the seventh house of the horoscope and in interpretation, describes your relationships and the effect other people have on your life. Traditional astrology books describe this area as the house of partners and open enemies. The elements are one of the key building blocks of astrology.

    Astrological aspects calculator
    Astrological aspects calculator
    Astrological aspects calculator
    Astrological aspects calculator
    Astrological aspects calculator
    Astrological aspects calculator
    Astrological aspects calculator

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