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Horse Fortune in 12222

The animal gives people an impression of independence and integrity. Its spirit is recognized to be the Chinese people's ethos - making unremitting efforts to improve themselves with passion and diligence. Answers App.

Year of the Horse, , , , Chinese Zodiac Horse

Years of the Horse. Personality of the Horse. They always impress upon people with dynamic, zealous and generous image. Although endowed with many shinning points, they have to face the weaknesses in their characteristics. Strengths Most have nice personalities, such as warm-hearted, upright and easygoing.

Personality and characteristics

Hence, they usually have a lot of friends flocking around them. Independence and endurance makes them more powerful, and they do not easily give up when in difficulties. Positive attitude leads to a brighter direction. Weaknesses The love of spending seems to be the biggest problem since they must be financially well off to support their social activities and outlook. Besides, their frank attitude at times leads to letting out secret easily.

Lucky Things for People Born in aYear of the Horse

Persistence is what they lack on the path of success. Love Compatibility of the Horse. Perfect Matches: Tiger, Sheep, Rabbit They are born to be a well-matched couple, sharing a lot in common. Acceptable Matches: Dragon, Dog, Monkey Their life will be sweet and happy as long as one of them learns to be considerate, tolerant and understanding. Intimate Friend: Snake They are not so much couple as intimate friends, enjoying the same value for fashion and art.

See more about Chinese Zodiac Sign Compatibility. Best Jobs: Adventurers, writers, architects, businessmen, performers, entrepreneurs, scientists, artist, politicians, critics, tour guide The year of will be favorable for those with Chinese zodiac sign Horse, especially in their career and love relationship. They may have good opportunities to get promotions or get nice grades in study. Smart investments will bring them some extra profits. Single Horses are likely to fall in love with someone this year, especially for females.

They need to pay attention to their health condition. In the year of , people born with Chinese zodiac Horse sign would have much fortune in their love relationship. However, in terms of career, wealth and health, Horses may face different problems in these three aspects. They thrive on feeling they are free from routines. In the late summer months, there could be a big financial payout in connection with work and many opportunities for advancement in creative and artistic fields.

There will be chances for Horse people to show off their talents and shine.

Weekly Horoscope For Horse

Seniors will spot their unique contributions and will offer both encouragement and backing. Horse men and women will notice some improvements in their finances and they could easily benefit from an inheritance. Cash will be free-flowing this year yet for once, Horse folk are more likely to be careful with money and not so frivolous. The year will bring them both wisdom and restraint and they will be more thoughtful about the ways they spend money. Opportunities for earning higher wages will come this year and Horse folk will be sought after for their specialist skills, knowledge and experience.

They are likely to be more inventive in the ways they manage their wealth. Many will be attracted by the stock market but should take sound financial advice before they invest in stocks and shares. For once these people will listen carefully and follow the advice given. Horse people could be prone to throat infections this year and many could develop breathing problems, most likely relate to asthmatic conditions as well as bronchial infections. They should take particular care of their lungs. I would suggest that those born under this sign seek proper medical advice for tiredness and bouts of physical fatigue which may plague them this year.

There could be an underlying cause which may need medical attention. Getting too stressed will not be helpful to the fine constitution of these folk and they might benefit from Yoga and acupuncture. The Horse is in the Fire group.

Chinese Zodiac: The Horse

It's Female Fire, which is connected to candle fire, light-bulb, stove fire, high temperature, and magnetic field. The Horse has proactive, passionate, talented and articulate personalities. The Pig is the Water group. The Pig is connected to the river, running water, lake or ocean. It implies wisdom, initiative, energy, offensive, and encroachment. The Pig doesn't like to change the daily routine.

It doesn't care about the quality of the surrounding environment and lifestyle. They have double attractive relationships. They can get along very well. But that's also a sign of entanglement. Fire is afraid of Water. Water gives Fire pressure.

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The Water of Pig represents Horse's career. Water can extinguish and conquer Fire. The Fire of Horse represents the Pig's money. The Pig provides a working place for Horse. Horse helps Pig earning money. They are good business partners.

Horse Horoscope 2019 - Born 1942, 1954,1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014

The Horse is the fastest animal for long-distance traveling on the ground. Horse likes to pursue success, victory, power, and reputation. The Pig also contains Male Wood, which is a tall tree, landmark, leader or decision-maker. That implies Pig has generous, magnanimous and open-minded personalities with Leadership traits.

The Pig has the leadership skill and good vision for the future. Working with Pig, Horse has the pressure on its responsibility. The Horse will work hard to seek the greatest achievement. Chinese Zodiac Horse vs.

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  • You were born in the Year of the Horse. The following is the Brown Pig year prediction for people born in the year of the Horse. Horse drinks water on the river. Horse can happily and industriously travel under the sun. Career: Water gives Fire pressure. Water represents your career.

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    • The Pig is related to river water. That implies that you have unlimited job opportunities.

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